Types of Back Pain

The most common type of back pain originates from the discs. This kind of pain (Let’s call it Type I) is felt most prominently in the low back and buttocks.
It is aggravated by bending forward, especially if you have to remain in that position or repeat it many times at work or play. If you have Type I Back Pain, you will feel worse with bending over to brush your teeth, put on your socks, cut your toe nails, or retrieving a golf ball from the cup. You will also feel worse after sitting for prolonged periods of time, such as long car rides or engaging in desk work all day. Doing knee-to-chest exercises, sit-ups, and working out at the rowing machines will also aggravate this pain. The pain can usually be reduced by straightening up, bending backward, walking around and lying down, especially if you lie prone.
When I indicated that the disc is the origin of the pain, I am not trying to paint a picture of a prolapsed disc. The causes of disc-generated pain can range from simple uneven distribution of pressure, to mild bulging, to cracking of the annulus. Discs, like other body parts, will undergo healing. So do not be frightened by the prospect of an injured disc. People with Type I Back Pain usually respond very well to appropriate treatment.